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I am SHREYA’s fan...

அட டா, சத்தியமா இந்த பெண்ணை பத்தி இல்ல பா....

இது வேர விஷயம்...

Let me come to the point. When you ask me what is the driving force behind the advancement in modern science and technology?

Undoubtedly , my answer is simply “the comfort”.

All the efforts of mankind, the accidental and the intentionals (discoveries and inventions) are fuelled by this only one goal, “the convenience”. Just think of the electricity, bulbs, telivision, players, stream engine, AC, washing machines, computers,laptops, mobiles, ATM’s, e-services, malls and multiplexes. Yes, its all for the convenience (the comfort), afterall, to want more is human. In modern times we have become materialistic and belive life to be an entirely material affair. Thus in this scheme we are born and we die. Meantime we try our best to accrue as many as possile and as much as we can , ranging from fame to possession.

For convenience we buy ready to make food but we don’t realise that they are not good for our body, mind and soul. The preservaties and additives can affect our well being, because we are what we eat (both physically and mentally). For our comfort we use air conditioners in houses, offices, vechiles etc, but we don’t realise that they degrade our health and our environment too. For convenience we travel in bikes and cars, but we forget the body is meant to be exercised. For convenience we use mobiles, but we are not bothered about its impact on our brain cells. Our huge effort and expense for growth and convenience has put us in bad plight. We do not recognise that we are actually spirit. We do not focus on inner growth and never achieve self realization which is the main purpose of life. Lured by desire, we fail to live the life that is life indeed- the life of simplicity, sympathy, service, values and self realization.

So, who or what is going to help us from sinking?

“Religion”, any religion.

Yes, religion has the solution. All the religions of mankind are so many byroads leading to one supreme goal, “LIVE, LET LIVE THE LIFE”. Religion is our bond with God. Religion is philosophy of life expressed in conduct. Religion is like a diamound with several facets, one of them is Hinduism. In one of the Upanishad (KATHA UPANISHAD), ther are two concepts that illustrate our present plight. Preya and Shreya. Preya stands for what is pleasant and shreya for what is good. In the begning preya is alluring, say like a pizza, ready made noodles or Chips, but as time goes by, we harvest only sufferings and pain. On the other hand, shreya is daunting at first, say like going on a diet, taking up meditation, quitting smoke or alcohol, as time goes, we reap a harvest of joy, happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction more over we achieve self realization. Todays modern society is based on preya- mankind is running an endless race for material satisfaction. The accolade we get is stress, depression, loss of meaning, illness, conflict, unhealthy competitiveness and finally a degraded environment. A huge edifice of effort and expense aganist our best interest is seen at its worst.

Let us stop here. Its time to organise a society around the goal of shreya. Let me offer a few practical sugession, if you wish to make progress on the right path. Lets go on a DIET,

·Do not act in a way that damages others or the society

·Invest in ourselves

·Espy everything in a holistic prespective

·Try to minimise our needs and desire, which in turn would ensure that every one has enough and no one has too much.

For instance, we upgrade our computer, the same importance has to be given to develop, upgrade our limitless potential, such as memory. We expect air conditioner and heating system to keep us cool and warm, we should also remember that we can actually control our temperature from within. A yoga can help you.

Focus on inner growth, Inequalities and social intolerace would cease in near future. Believe.. Be Live…!

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