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Avatar 3 - The Kalkin


Who or What is it?

Is it the next movie by James Cameron?

Yes yes yes...



In Hinduism, it is believed that we live in a time period called “Kali Yuga”. Hindu doctrines describe this period as an age of darkness where moral virtue of humans will reach the lowest and because of that lethargy, disease, anger, natural calamities, anguish, and fear of scarcity will dominate. The world will stand still and when the human race stumbles towards the edge of its survival, it is predicted that the final incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu – Kalki Avathar will appear to save.

Believe it or not! We now witnessed that the world stood still in this COVID 19 pandemic, hoping the arrival of Avathar to rescue us!

The most awaited avatar has arrived. He has not come alone, he has come as a battalion.

I could see them all..!

And this is the seed of the Hollywood blockbuster and a box office hit for James Cameron’s Avatar 3.

If he has done with Avatar 3, then we can have it as Avathar 4 – The Kalkin.

Apparently Kalkin sounds more cinematic than Kalki..!

I wish this message reaches him soon.

Plot: Based on TRUE STORIES from this pandemic 2020, the appearance of one virus, suddenly doctors, nurses, paramedics, Grocery store employees, delivery guys, street sweepers and finally Biotechnologists and Microbiologists became more important than pro athletes, actors, musicians, religious heads, bureaucrats and even politicians.

Message: ‘Scientists are the true Saviors’ in this era and in the future.

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1 Comment

Senthil Kumar Sadasivam
Senthil Kumar Sadasivam
Apr 19, 2020

My sincere thanks to the FB page "Sketching Science" for the Sketch

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