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My birthday resolutions....

It's 9th of June, 2010. I turned 32. Yes! My birthday. Like everyone I wanted to make few resolutions on my birthday.

My right brain got enthused and started illustrating the resolutions; say like, diet control, early to bed, regular exercise, to stay in touch with family friends and so on

Suddenly, my left brain makes way into my consciousness, "Oh!! The silly season is here again; these resolutions don’t have a long shell life and would only create unhappiness and discontent".

"What’s wrong? These resolutions are made in good faith, in fact, the intention is to improve the quality of life, and so what’s wrong with that?", Argued my right.

The left just ‘doesn’t get’ what the right said. “How many resolutions did you make on your last birthday? Two years ago? Three years ago? You know how many resolutions you broke and how many you adjusted for convenience? They get revised as the time goes on. Your diet plans got digested. Early to bed is never early enough and Exercise schedules got expired”, the left squabbled instantly.

My conscious mind allowed the right to have its say. “Without planning life would be chaotic and lead to greater anxiety, insecurity and unhappiness. No one makes plans for a better life with failure in mind. Last year, Its resolved to shed some of the flab to address the problem of having big belly , it means that, I accept the fact that there is a problem and would like to do something to prevent it from becoming worse. Even if the resolve is not followed in full, something good is bound to come out of it”, advocated my right.

"Be honest, in a rash you make decisions and you know it will be difficult to live up to it. 29 fades to 30 and 30 to 31, a mint fresh year, year after year, you never kept. If the resolution is broken you feel guilty, you scramble to come up with the most convincing justification. As you make-up and break-up the resolutions, you end up feeling awful. It’s simply dampens the enthusiasm for life, so it’s better to avoid specific targets. Just focus on generally being active, connect with nature, learn something new and work for the community", asserted the left and dispensed its logical dominance.

There arose an emotional turmoil from the expressive protests of left. The ultimate authority to enter consciousness is delegated to one side. The ‘left’ tends to dismiss all that comes into my consciousness from its "flaky" cranial twin, the ‘right’.

The battle was almost won by the left and I finally resolved…….… have no resolutions.

I just wanted to flow in with the tide and make changes as life unfolds ahead of me.

Again, it’s a matter of perspective!!

Consciously, Senthil, the birthday boy.

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